Edward "ZaddyKanee" Taylor Jr. (born May 30, 1992 in Little Rock, Ar) better known by his stage name “ZaddyKanee”, is an American rapper, songwriter, and actor.

     He began rapping at the age of 12, and has continued to perfect his craft by performing at many shows around the country. Zaddy got his passion for rapping when he performed for his mother’s class reunion and won first place, at the age of 13. Since, he has continued to excel in the industry.

      ZaddyKanee is a college graduate, who obtained his bachelor’s degree in Mass Communications at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock in May of 2016. ZaddyKanee has been apart of C.E.O. (Conquering Every Opportunity) Business since 2011 and has continued to show and prove why his style of rapping deserved to be mentioned amongst the other great rappers before him.

     ZaddyKanee released his first studio album as a part of a combined effort with other C.E.O. Business artist in November of 2016.



     "J. Secretz" was born (May 27, 1985) in Little Rock, Ar., but was raised in Missouri and California. J. Secretz didn't find in interest in music until after graduating high school.

     After graduating high school, J. Secretz joined the U.S Marine Corps and served his country from 2003-2007.  After retiring from the U.S Marine Corps, J. Secretz pursued a Bachelors Degree from Arkansas State University earning his Bachelors in Criminology. 

    J. Secretz first started engineering music at the age of 22, while attending college.  The more he listened to music the more he felt intrigued by it.  J. Secretz officially joined C.E.O. Business in 2015 serving as the lead engineer for all music projects.




     "The Misses" (Born on December 17th in Little Rock, AR) is an American songwriter, recording artist, musician, model, dancer and entrepreneur.

     The Misses grew up in a very close and loving family. The Misses was raised attending church (very often) and a lot of church functions. It was at church, as a young girl where The Misses discovered her love for music. Growing up, The Misses received vocal training which only made her love for music grew deeper.

     The Misses pursued music in various of different relations throughout her life. The Misses underwent several instrument training courses learning how to play multiple instruments such as the flute, clarinet, piano, recorder, and others.

     The Misses attended McClellan High School (located in Little Rock, AR) during her freshmen year, before transferring to Parkview Visual Arts/Science Magnet School (located Little Rock, AR) at the request of her parents for better education opportunities. While at Parkview, The Misses, joined the Marching Band, studied various music related courses and was even a member of the school's dance department.

     After graduating high school, The Misses shifted her focus on education and a degree field, she thought would be more stable to pursue. The Misses pursued her Bachelor's in Early Childhood Education with dreams of becoming an Elementary Teacher. The Misses once stated, "I've been blessed throughout my entire life and would be selfish to not return the favor. What better way to give back, than to be a positive influence on the youth?" The Misses also pursued her Bachelor's in Accounting hoping to one day own her own business.

      After completing college,  music found The Misses once again, when her church's dance/choir team requested her assistance for several tours and concerts that they were involved with. It was then that the Misses could no longer deny her love for music and entertainment. The Misses vowed to pursue her dreams in the entertainment industry.

     The Misses has been apart of C.E.O. Business since the Business's birth, serving as the CFO, Talent Scout and Songwriter/Artist.



     Kevion "Mook" Alexander (born March 26, 1999 in Little Rock, AR) is an American songwriter and rapper. Kentrell found his passion for music in the 8th grade while he and his friends formed a rapping group, only to rap for fun.

Kentrell grew up listening to various artist such as Nelly , Gucci Mane , and others whom he felt he shared many similarities with. Kentrell decided to pursue is love for music and a career in the music industry after being inspired and motivated by his favorite artist Bryson Tiller. 

     Although, Kentrell wants to excel in his career within the music industry, education is also very important to him. Kentrell currently attends Bryant High School (located in Bryant, AR) and plans to further his education majoring in Music and Entertainment.

      Kentrell is very close to his family, which he states serves as a driving force for him to succeed in this industry. Kentrell stated "Music is my everything, but I do this for my mother and my little brothers".  Kentrell's ultimate goal is to become one of the Greatest Recording artist of all time.

     Kentrell decided (officially) to Conquer Every Opportunity in 2016.